[Good food for the thyroid gland]_What to eat_Diet recipes

[Good food for the thyroid gland]_What to eat_Diet recipes

If you want to avoid thyroid disease, you can start with your daily diet, and you can adjust the balance of various nutrients in your body through the combination of diet.

There are many foods that are good for the thyroid gland, such as rapeseed, kiwi, shiitake mushroom, fungus, etc. can avoid the occurrence of street decoration nodules, but if you suffer from thyroid disease, you must not eat spicy food, greasy food, etc.

First of all, the diet of thyroid cancer should pay attention to balanced nutrition. You should eat more high-protein, high-vitamin, low-sugar, and low-feces foods, as well as foods rich in vitamins such as fresh fruits and vegetables, kelp, and laver.It should be controlled and balanced so that medical treatment and good integration can better promote the improvement of the disease.

1. Avoid the following foods: (1) Avoid tobacco and alcohol; (2) Avoid spicy and irritating foods, such as shallots, peppers, peppers, cinnamon; etc .; (3) Avoid fatty and edible food; (4) Do not eat iodineHigh foods include certain kelp, laver, shrimp skin, sea fish, etc.

2. The following foods should be eaten: (1) eat more foods that have the effect of eliminating edema and swelling, including Ling, rapeseed, mustard, kiwi, etc .; (2) eat more foods with enhanced immunity, such as shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms,Fungus, walnuts, barley, red dates, yam and fresh fruits.

Hyperthyroidism associated with thyroid nodules requires a strict iodine diet, iodized salt free, fasting kelp, seaweed, sea fish and other seafood; if it is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis with nodules, you do not need to strictly avoid iodine, but eat a lot of highIodine food will increase the damage of thyroid follicular cells and the production of antibodies, and aggravate the destruction of thyroid cells. Therefore, it is not advisable to overeat a large amount of seafood; if the nodule is a high-functioning adenoma that can secrete thyroid hormones, it is also necessary to strictly avoid iodine.Because iodine is one of the raw materials for the synthesis of thyroid hormones, the intake of iodine will also increase the synthesis of thyroid hormones and exacerbate the symptoms of hyperthyroidism; if it is a nonfunctional nodule, it has no effect on thyroid function and there is less iodine in the diet.

It is recommended to eat less radish, cabbage and other foods, because current research has found that these two foods can promote the growth of thyroid nodules.